About Dr. Becker

Dr. Becker is described as warm and open-minded. Her clients feel a sense of ease when they step into her office and relief that they can be their authentic selves.

Dr. Becker uses an integrative approach, calling upon a variety of theoretical orientations and interventions tailored to the unique needs of her clients. She creates treatment plans that are personal and individualized, focusing on resiliencies and strengths. Dr. Becker applies current empirically validated interventions to alleviate emotional discomfort and improve wellbeing.

Dr. Becker helps people to achieve their goals by integrating her clinical training and skill with her genuine care and compassion. Dr. Becker believes that life challenges represent opportunities for growth and that people are inherently capable of tackling their problems and creating fulfilling, meaningful lives.

Dr. Becker offers a supportive environment in which people from all cultures and backgrounds are welcome.


Dr. Becker is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist from New York City. She has supervised Doctoral Level Graduate Students and was an Attending Psychologist with an Ancillary Medical Staff appointment at Maimonides Medical Center in New York. She has practiced in Major Medical Centers, Hospitals, Community Health Centers, University Based Counseling Centers, and elementary, middle and high schools. Dr. Becker has also provided clinical and consultation services for international organizations supporting women with complex trauma.

Dr. Becker received her Bachelor of Science in Human Development from Cornell University, Master of Science in School Psychology and Doctorate of Clinical Psychology from Pace University. Dr. Becker’s past research examined relationships between parenting styles and children’s academic outcomes.

Prior to earning her Doctoral Degree, Dr. Becker was a Special Educator for children with learning disabilities at The Churchill School and Center in New York City. There, she mastered Best Practice interventions such as the Wilson Reading Program and worked in private practice as a Reading Specialist.

Dr. Becker is always striving to treat clients facing diverse issues and has pursued post-doctoral training in Mindfulness and Meditation, Trauma Focused CBT, Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy and Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy.